My Journey to Sustainability

My goal at Emma Easter Handcrafted is to be as transparent and honest as possible about my products, how they're made and where they're made.

Emma Easter Handcrafted HQ

I make all of my products myself in my home based studio in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales. I also source most of my fabrics from the UK where I work with UK based fabric printers. I do my best to support other UK based businesses where possible..

I don’t believe in unnecessary waste which is why I prefer to make products that can be used year round and thus fabric designs that compliment this. Where I have seconds (items with items not up to my strict quality standards but are still usable i.e. design on fabric is upside down or minor stitching imperfections) I will look to reduce these items or donate them to local charities. 



Embroidered zodiac sign of Leo the lion using Madeira embroidery thread
The Madeira threads and stabiliser with which we work are exceptional. Madeira has an extensive sustainability page which I’ll share 


I am happy to say my stuido is powered by solar energy! However, in order to be fully transparent, I also have to use the grid to generate power, such as during the shorter days of winter, or on gloomy days.

It's taken me a while to learn about when renewable energy is being used and  to use it in the most efficient way. However, I do feel that being as sustainable as possible is well worth the effort.


As a small business, I must deliver locally or drop off my orders at the post office. To accomplish this, I use a hybrid vehicle (Toyota Yaris Hybrid). If the weather is nice, I'll will walk to the post office on days where I can physically carry the orders. 


Eco Friendly Packaging in Partnership with Simplelifeco UK

I want your orders to arrive looking great, but at the same time I don't want to be wasteful. So I try my best to use FSC-certified papers and boxes, and try to ensure all packaging is made responsibly.

 I source most of mypackaging from local business Simplelifeeco however,  I do sometimes use  Lil Packaging and Better Packaging Co among others.


Disclaimer: Some images used on this page may have been taken by our manufacturing partners and have been used with their permission.